planning, strategy, implementation thoughtful, innovative campaigns converge with skillful design sending a powerful ripple effect for good out into the world
  • Dining for Women was featured on NBC’s “Making a Difference” segment. See the video clip!

  • Video Storytelling Project for Humane Society is Live! Raising money for RAVS, it’s mobile field teaching clinics serving remote, impoverished areas in the U.S. Launch video.

Ripple Effect Group is a professional collaborative serving businesses, nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs. We provide strategic planning, needs assessments, fundraising campaigns and design communications.

  • We work with social purpose organizations in creative and effective ways to strengthen their abilities to solve the world’s problems.
  • We collaborate with visionaries to bring their message to the world—telling their compelling story and creating greater awareness, interest, and action in order to further their goals.
  • We connect them with our team of leading experts who facilitate transformational change in their organizations – with the aim of making those organizations more effective at what they do.
  • We support them in realizing their dreams. We see their mission as our mission.

By Visionaries, For Visionaries

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